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Perm region


The viewpoint is located 5 km from the village Usva along the river. It offers views of the "Usvinskie Pillars", 120-meter cliffs that drop vertically to the water. The famous Devil's Finger is a freestanding rock towering 70 meters above the massif.

The location and orientation of the viewpoint coincide with the visual axis on the Devil's finger, while not violating, but complementing the natural context. Also, this location is the first point from which a view of this attraction opens. The object is located at a slight elevation from the river so as not to disturb the ecosystem that has developed here.

The plasticity and dynamics of the lines reflect the energy of a mountain river in a monomaterial shell.

The name of the viewpoint is "Alpha". It symbolizes the beginning and is the designation of the flat corners that are present in the geometry of the object. Also, the plan of the viewpoint resembles the spelling of the letter α.

landscape lines

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