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The goal of our project is to create a bold, interesting and transformable space where creative people can communicate, meet, express themselves and be inspired.

The core is a pavilion of wooden structures and a polycarbonate roof, to protect from sun and rain. Wooden beams can be used for lamps, spotlights, plants or fairy lights can be hung on them, as well as a screen for film.

Around the pavilion there is a white awning, which is attached to metal racks. The design allows you to cover what is happening in the pavilion from the street and noise, but at the same time leaves a small gap in order to see fragments of actions. Under this awning can be placed seating, bar and tables. Thus, visitors can listen to the concert not only in the pavilion, but also around it. The awning rises higher towards the existing trees and forms a patio.

The idea of ​​our project is to create a microcosm inside the Harringay Warehouse District.



Harringay Warehouse District, London


We took three modules as a basis, their sizes: 400x400x400 mm, 400x2000x400 mm, 600x2000x400 mm. These modules can be arranged in different objects and thus form different spaces, for different functions: meetings, exhibitions, film screenings, presentations, etc.

The 400x400x400 mm module is basically a place for one person to sit, they can be rearranged and form the different groups of interests.

The 400x2000x400mm module is a bench or countertop of a bar; if you stack them together, you can get walls for a warehouse or a dressing room for artists or walls for an exhibition of paintings.

The 600x2000x400 module is a table, if two elements are laid on top of each other, it is also the basis for the bar counter, stage, amphitheater or counters for the market.

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