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Asakovo, Odintsovo district,

Moscow region


eco park
space interactivity
youth attraction
energy efficiency 


The embankment runs along the entire plot, linking all zones and objects into one pedestrian network. On the waterfront, you can walk or run and move to the park area.
On the territory there are three types of park: an art park (space with installations for creative people), a large park in the northern part for sports with a panda park and a park on the hill for sports walking and workouts.
Recreation area - part of the park, designed to accommodate recreational sites for recreational activities, involving high physical activity. 
The main idea is to create a ridge - artificial hills in the center of the territory, which has built-in shops, cafes, rental of ecological transport and other functions. This is to protect the living area from the noise of public space, as well as the delicate introduction of buildings into the landscape, which emphasizes the natural environment. From the side of the slope, it serves as an amphitheater, a place for recreation and socializing and a slope for skiing in winter on skis and sleds.
The architecture of buildings in the park should have a modern look with the use of environmentally friendly materials for construction and decoration, and the area should be rich in modern functions. 

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