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leaders of cultural developmant

We are propose to develope a tourist route in rural Russia. There is a lot of beautiful places in the Perm region near the Ural Mountains. We called this route Salty Ear. This route got its name from a legend connected with the saltwater industry common in the Perm region. Workers dragged bags of salt on their shoulders and their ears were soaked in salt. Because of this, they got the nickname "Permian - salty ears." In the points there should be parking, rest areas, toilets and pavilions where tourists can rest and settle. In the most significant points there should be viewing platforms, a cafe, a hotel or cabins where you can spend the night. On the one of the routes points we propose a viewplatform with a hotel for a groups of creatve people. The hotel is not located in the reserve area, but near the most beautiful places of the Urals.


The length of the route "Salty Ear" is 2,300 km / 33 hours / 10 equipped stops.

Synthesis of modern architecture and nature.

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