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golf club campus





Moscow region


Subbotin Stanislav /architecture/

Kirillova Daria /architecture/

Kaledina Alexandra /design/

The design area consists of two main zones bordering the golf course. There are individual residential buildings on it, which consist of three types: economy, comfort and premium, different in area: 100, 150, 200 sq. m. respectively. On the north side there is an amusement park with golf courses and a 3* hotel complex.

A 3* hotel complex focused on the development of all-season domestic tourist flow. It is a combination of the following buildings and structures: a 2-story administrative building with a restaurant
room and medical office, five 2-story dormitory buildings with 20 rooms each, 24 one-story guest houses, a sports center with sports fields and a block of household purposes. The location of the dormitory buildings is designed in such a way that the main facades do not face the south side in order to avoid overheating of the premises. As a consequence, this leads to increased energy efficiency and reduced energy consumption in the summer. All hotel rooms overlook picturesque areas and have good views.

The main pedestrian axis divides the territory of the hotel complex into two parts: sports and walking, and ends with an area near the administration building and restaurant. The sports part of the complex is located in the central part of the territory and consists of tennis courts, workout areas, playgrounds, running tracks and a spectator stand. The promenade runs through the trees in a quieter area and includes a hillside amphitheater and themed areas.

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house 100m2

house 150m2

house 200m2

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