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Auschwitz, Poland

Create a new memorial center cultural as a center of tolerance, will be the symbol of the free developed society.

The concept of my project - to emphasize the hard way the people who were in the camp in Auschwitz.

The shape of the building highlighted a sharp and dynamic at the entrance. In this case, the sheer volume and the entrance to the building is small in size.

This aggressive form emphasizes the cruelty of the atmosphere, in which there were people in the camp.

At the entrance to the new memorial center a person falls into a narrow dark space - hall, illuminated through a small glazing and semi-lighting. Passing reception and stair-lift, a person moving into a spacious and bright space with a different of interesting functions.

The second part of the building is a large spacious light space, which is dissected by rays of light. It symbolizes the struggle of people with pain and cruelty and violence, and the final destruction of the victory of good over evil.

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