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The idea of ​​the project is to create a convenient non-standard and bright space for waiting for transport.
The smooth form of white Corian glow from the inside and creates an illuminated space, safe at night and visible from afar. When the vehicle approaches, it begins to change color and gradually turns red. So even from afar you can see how close is the bus or trolleybus.
This is not only a place where people are waiting for transport. The stop can also serve as a new space for young people to meet and socialize. The unusual shape associated with the bends and lines of the slope, which attracts people. 
On the roof there is an amphitheater, where you can sit on the steps overlooking the surrounding territory, opposite the road, but also notice when the transport arrives. The stop is a holistic and continuous structure. The curves of the form flow into each other and create places for sitting or skating.
This project is a rethinking of the typical understanding a stop. The new open space for waiting a transport can be a place for meeting, relaxing and communicate, because it organizes the territory around it and has a pleasant time. A stop should be not only a functional object, but also an attractive element of our environment.

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