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exhibition 11.09.20 - 12.10.20

gallery “ART PARK” Izmailovkii park

adress: Moskovsky pr., C26, Moscow, 105187

“The topic of this speech is a topic that has recently opened to me, which may not even exist at all.

Perhaps I will talk about something that does not exist, so I have the right to say anything or nothing at all”.

Philip K. Dick

The “UN-EXISTENCE” project is a parallel universe of virtual architecture that does not exist in real life.

What if space can change under the influence of hidden factors?

What if the external elements of the environment are just projections of processes occurring in the human mind, and without people they do not exist at all?

The interference in space that we observe through the prism of human consciousness and perception is ongoing research and attempts to find out where the line between chaos and regularity of form goes, because everything in the universe exists for some reason. The world has emerged from chaos, and architecture is an attempt to synthesize from it the particles and moments of form that surround and sometimes seem beautiful.

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